Play Therapy

With Grace Therapy‘s Social worker, Paige Hicks is an Associate Play Therapist registered with the Australian Play Therapists Association and provides play therapy with children of all ages.

Play therapy is a form of therapy that uses play to help children express their emotions, thoughts and experiences.

Play is a child’s natural way of communicating and through play therapy, trained therapists can work with children to understand and address emotional or behavioural issues they may be facing.

Benefits of Play therapy:

Play Therapy Brisbane

Play therapy is a highly effective counselling approach that works with children by tapping into their natural, creative, and non-verbal abilities. It is an evidence-based method that is developmentally appropriate for younger clients. 

In play therapy, children are able to express their inner and external experiences through play, which helps them build insight and resilience.

This approach enables children to regulate their emotions, communicate their feelings, and practice new coping skills. Children can use play therapy to develop a sense of mastery over challenging situations and learn how to manage their emotions in a healthy way. 

Overall, play therapy is an empowering and valuable tool for counselling young clients.

Children may benefit from play therapy experiencing:

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