Booking your sessions

Hello and welcome to With Grace Therapy’s information page to book your upcoming sessions. This is a fast and effective way of managing your With Grace Therapy bookings for counselling and social work supervision. Utilising this online booking system means that you are able to find the best time that suits you. If you are unable to find a time that suits you, please reach out to us via our email

For NDIS bookings, you are not able to book online. Please contact us directly via our to organise an appointment or complete this NDIS service request and send directly to us via email.

If this is your first time booking a With Grace Therapy appointment, please provide additional information about why you are seeking an appointment with us. With this additional information, we will be able to prepare prior to your session. When you click the link below to book your session, you are able to book with your preferred social worker, however, if they are not available to book please contact us at to discuss further.

Please note, that all appointments charge 50% of the booking fee to secure your appointment. This amount is taken off the full cost of your session and refundable if you cancelled within the 48 hours of your appointment time.